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DecoCraft 2: More Decorative Blocks For Minecraft Versions 1.7

Looking for more ways to spruce up your Minecraft world? Check out DecoCraft 2, a mod that adds over 100 new decorative blocks to the game! Whether you’re looking for new building materials or just some cool new items to decorate your home with, DecoCraft 2 has you covered.

Decocraft User Guide

The Decocraft User Guide is an important part of the DecoCraft mod for Minecraft 1.7. It includes thorough instructions on how to use the mod as well as information on which blocks and objects are included.

The Guide instructs users on how to:

  • Hold and arrange mod objects
  • Rotate blocks along three-dimensional axes
  • Build things using recipes from the Decocraft config file
  • Utilize Decocraft patterns for more customization
  • Use coded instructions to modify mob behavior
  • Create bespoke buildings in various versions of Minecraft

Finally, it includes troubleshooting tips for frequent issues encountered while running or installing this user-friendly mod.

The basic recipes

DecoCraft 2: More Decorative Blocks For Minecraft Versions 1.7 has the mineral Aqua Affinity. It is used to make numerous ornamental blocks that may be utilized to adorn your Minecraft house or to create one-of-a-kind created products.

Aqua Affinity’s core formula is simple and uncomplicated:

  • combine an ingot of iron with an ingot of gold to get raw Aqua Affinity. This may be accomplished on the crafting grid or by utilizing a furnace.
  • This raw material may subsequently be used to make ornamental blocks like bricks, steps, and architectural columns. You may also use it to make one-of-a-kind handcrafted objects like lamps, paintings, and distinctive furniture pieces.
  • By blending the raw material with colored dyes, you may change the color of the deco block; allowing for even more versatility while building your own gorgeous house within Minecraft.

Examples of crafts

DecoCraft 2 is a Minecraft 1.7 mod that adds extra ornamental bricks to the game. It also includes a plethora of crafting instructions for making different ornamental blocks such as chairs, tables, cabinets, and lights.

With DecoCraft 2 installed, you may use the mod’s many blocks to build all kinds of stunning constructions in your Minecraft world.

  • Tables, desks, and chairs in different colors, forms, and sizes,
  • wallpaper for walls and carpets for floors,
  • large pillars or columns may be crafted and put along walls or around entrances to create bigger constructions.

With all of the numerous colored blocks available in DecoCraft 2, the decorative possibilities are nearly unlimited. With this mod loaded, you’ll have an infinite number of options for building intriguing constructions in your Minecraft world.

The available decorations

DecoCraft 2 is a Minecraft mod for version 1.7. This mod adds additional ornamental blocks and elements for you to utilize in your constructions. There are tables and chairs, bookshelves, paintings, flags, lights, mirrors, curtains, rugs, and other stuff. You may also get several sorts of flowerpots to add some color to your constructions.

Finally, there are unique blocks such as musical instruments and fairy lanterns that, when put correctly, offer a wonderful touch. All decorations have been carefully made to fit in with your surroundings and make them seem even better than before. DecoCraft 2 will provide you with a plethora of additional choices for making your constructions stand out from the crowd.

Bathroom decoration

DecoCraft 2: More Decorative Blocks For Minecraft Versions 1.7 has a vast number of blocks that may be used to transform your bathrooms into magnificent spaces. Not only that, but it also includes a slew of additional items including toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, and more.

You may quickly change your bathrooms into something amazing with this resource collection. You may get a modern and contemporary design by utilizing sleek materials such as glass, steel, and marble, or you can achieve a more traditional look by adding Victorian-style décor such as wallpaper and wooden furniture.

Aside from giving your bathroom an outstanding new look with this resource pack, you can also improve the mood in the space with light fixtures like as vanity lights or wall lamps to ensure your bathroom is well-lit and welcoming.

Room decoration

DecoCraft 2’s room design enables Minecraft users to personalize their gaming experience in a wide range of ways. With hundreds of ornate blocks at their disposal, kids may construct something genuinely one-of-a-kind. From furniture sets to colourful block walls, gamers may decorate and flair their own or others’ spaces.

DecoCraft 2 even enables you to build large-scale creations that you can share with others through the internet or a local network. When it comes to creating room interiors, this function allows you a whole new realm of creativity and experimentation. DecoCraft, with its infinite variations and possibilities, is a wonderful method to add vitality and diversity to your Minecraft environment.

Dungeon decoration

Dungeon decorating is a strong tool for adding depth to your Minecraft experience. DecoCraft 2 has a plethora of ornamental blocks that may be used to build dungeons and other dark, intriguing environments. DecoCraft 2 has everything you need to create each space distinctive, from one-block decorations like chandeliers to big scale dungeon chains.

Inside the dungeon, all decorations have a function, whether it’s to enhance mood, aid in the creation of riddles, or just to give an extra challenge. DecoCraft 2 guarantees that no two dungeons are the same, giving you unlimited options for customizing your Minecraft environment.

Table decoration and food

Table design and cuisine in DecoCraft 2 allow users to further personalize their Minecraft homes. There are several possibilities for adorning your tables and food items, ranging from personalized plates, spoons, forks, and cups to decorations like as vases and a variety of other decorative objects. You may also make seats, tables, benches, and other items.

This expansion pack includes a slew of new unique blocks that deepen the Minecraft experience even more. You may add new levels of design and creativity to your Minecraft environment with this free DecoCraft 2 download.


DecoCraft 2: More Decorative Blocks for Minecraft Versions 1.7’s Download area is where you can get and install the game modifications required to play the most recent version of the game. This includes downloading the most latest Forge installer, which is required to install modifications in your game.

After downloading and installing Forge, you will be able to get all of the files required to run DecoCraft 2: More Decorative Blocks for Minecraft Versions 1.7 straight from this page. These files include textures, models, and other material that will enable you to employ ornamental blocks in your own Minecraft projects. You will also find a full installation instruction that will walk you through the process of installing and running this version of DecoCraft 2: More Decorative Blocks for Minecraft Versions 1.7.

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