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Johnny Depp Won’t Return to Pirates of the Caribbean

Johnny Depp has confirmed he will not be returning to the role of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. The actor made his decision public via a video on his Twitter account, saying “I won’t return.” While this may seem like bad news for fans who have been waiting years for another installment in their beloved franchise, there’s plenty more good news coming from Johnny and Disney.

Johnny Depp has announced that he will not be returning to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The decision comes after a rough patch for the movie, which has been in production for years.

Johnny Depp Won't Return to Pirates of the Caribbean

Johnny-Depp-Wont-Return-to-Pirates-of-the-CaribbeanImage courtesy of Disney

The last installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Dead Men Tell No Tales, marks the final appearance of Johnny Depp as fan favorite captain Jack Sparrow. According to the 58-year-old actor, who said during a cross-examination last week that he had no intention of working on a new Pirates picture with Disney. Due to abuse charges leveled against him by ex-wife Amber Heard, Disney had already cut the actor from the sixth chapter of the series, but his new words suggest that he would not return even if given the opportunity and a boatload of cash.

“The truth is, Mr. Depp, nothing on this planet would persuade you to return to Disney and work on another Pirates of the Caribbean picture if they offered you $300 million and a million alpacas?” Correct?” Depp was questioned by cross-examiner Ben Rottenborn. The performer said, “That is correct.”

‘To Be Safe,’ says Johnny Depp, Disney wanted to cut ties with the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise (Variety)

As his cross-examination in a Virginia courtroom began on Wednesday, Johnny Depp said that Disney was already leery of dealing with him before ex-wife Amber Heard penned an op-ed hinting to her abuse accusations in December 2018.

Depp has claimed that Heard’s publication of the poem has ruined his career. He has filed a $50 million lawsuit against her, stating that her accusations are false and that she is the one who beat him. Depp claimed that Disney withdrew him from the sixth installment of “Pirates of the Caribbean” days after the essay was published, when questioned by his own lawyer. He testified that the film has not yet been made and is now in “dangle mode.”

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s feud has been a crazy trip that has included everything from narcotics to burning bodies. Depp said that Heard peed on his bed after an argument over how he was late to her 30th birthday celebration, which was one of the stranger things he mentioned during his court evidence.

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Johnny Depp will not return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The actor has confirmed he is retiring from the role that made him famous. Reference: pirates of the caribbean 6 cast.

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