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PlayStation Update 9.50 Patch Notes, Download Size, PS4 March Update 2022

The PlayStation 4 March Update 2022 was released on the PS4 North American and European stores yesterday, bringing with it a number of new features. The update is now live in all regions.

The “ps4 update 9.50 patch notes” is a list of changes and improvements that were made in PlayStation 4 Update 9.50. The download size of the PS4 March Update 2022 was also released for those who want to know what they are getting into before downloading it.

PlayStation Update 9.50 Patch Notes, Download Size, PS4 March Update 2022

The Patch Notes for PlayStation 9.50 are now out, and gamers all around the globe are eager to learn about the new features and updates in the PlayStation. In this post, we’ll go through the PlayStation patch notes in detail and look at the changes.

PlayStation-Update-950-Patch-Notes-Download-Size-PS4-March-UpdateOn PS5 and PS4 consoles, the new PlayStation update allows players to create or join Open and Closed Parties. Game Base and Trophy cards have also received UI improvements from Sony.

Open and Closed Parties, as well as upgrades to the PS App and PS Remote Play, are now available worldwide for the PS5 and PS4. Plus, the first information on PS5’s Variable Refresh Rate, which will be available in the coming months:

— March 23, 2022, PlayStation (@PlayStation)

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Patch Notes for PlayStation 9.50

The following are the full patch notes for the latest PlayStation update:

Updated PS4 software

  • An open party allows your guests to attend without having to issue an invitation. Friends of party members are welcome to join as well. Only the players you invite are invited to a closed party.
  • With this version, you may now choose between an open or closed party when starting a party.
  • Ukrainian language support has been provided by the developers.
  • You can now individually adjust the voice chat volume of each player in a party with Patch Notes for PlayStation 9.50.

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Game Base

  • Parties are the new name for voice conversations.
  • By introducing a [Deny] option to your friend request list, the developers have made it easy to decline friend requests.
  • We’ve organized Game Base into three tabs for simpler navigation: [Friends], [Parties], and [Messages].
  • The player search feature and friend requests are now under the [Friends] tab with Patch Notes for PlayStation 9.50.
  • Now with Patch Notes for PlayStation 9.50, when someone in a party is sharing their screen, you’ll see the on-air icon. You can check this in the [Parties] tab.
  • You may now accomplish the following from the Game Base control menu and cards: Under the [Pals] tab in the control menu, you may see all of your friends. Directly from the voice chat card, start Share Play. To utilize Share Play, you no longer need to start Share Screen. Add a player to an existing group or start a new one right from the messages card. You may also use this card to transmit video clips, pictures, and brief messages, as well as see a group’s shared material.

Voice Command is a new feature (Preview).

  • Voice Command (Preview) can discover and launch games, programs, and settings, as well as control media playback, using spoken commands.
  • In order to start, go to [Settings] > [Voice Command] as well as turn on [Enable Voice Command (Preview)]. Then, you have to call out “Hey, PlayStation!” as well as ask your PS5 to do something.
  • This function may help you search and access games, programs, and settings, as well as control your media without pressing a button.

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Features that have been updated

  • The following improvements have been added to the game library by the developer:
  • You may now keep your favorite games or applications on your home screen.
  • When viewing a bought or installed game, people are unable to play it since the game’s backdrop picture is concealed.
  • When focused on a game or app, press the options button to open the options menu and select [Keep in Home]. The games and apps you choose to keep will stay on your home screen with Patch Notes for PlayStation 9.50.
  • You may now filter your games by genre under the [Your Collection] page to locate the games you want to play faster.
  • If you want to report anything said at a party, there are now visual indications to help you figure out who said it. This will assist PlayStation Safety in taking the necessary action in response to your complaint.
  • For age-restricted games, activity cards, such as those shown in the control center or game hub, will not be displayed.
  • PlayStation Plus has been pinned to the left edge of the game’s main screen by the developer.
  • A button tutorial has been included by the developer to teach you how to reload and zoom in the internet browser.
  • Monthly games may now be redeemed more quickly.
  • From your home screen, you can simply access the PS Plus game collections.
  • With Patch Notes for PlayStation 9.50, the developer has made the console safer for child accounts.

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It was the complete guide on Patch Notes for PlayStation 9.50. Now, we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got the complete information regarding the update of PlayStation. If you have any queries regarding the new update of PlayStation then you can ask us in the comment section. We would be happy to solve your queries regarding Patch Notes for PlayStation 9.50.

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