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Aether & Aether 2 Minecraft Mod – 1.7.10 / 1.12.2


The Aether & Aether 2 mod is a fan-favorite! It has been downloaded by millions! This mod adds a new dimension to the game. There are new mobs, blocks and items to explore. Players can journey through the Aether, fight in its dungeons, and even come across rare items.

In this article, we’ll cover the basics of the mod, how to install it and how to set up a server. Have fun playing with friends!

Overview of Aether and Aether 2

Aether is a custom Minecraft mod which provides players with new dimensions to explore. It was released in 2011 and designed to give players an exciting place to explore, build, and gain new experiences. Even though the mechanics are different from vanilla Minecraft, it’s still a great way to challenge yourself and maximize your enjoyment of the game.

The Aether is split into two main parts; Aether 1 (1.7.10) and Aether 2 (1.12.2). They are slightly different, but generally follow the same concept. They are separate planes of reality based on air-like sustains, with creatures, structures, and environments unique from vanilla Minecraft.

In Aether 1, players enter The Aether via special portal blocks generated in newly created Overworld chunks. These are found one-and-a-half blocks below sea level. When you enter The Aether, you will find floating islands with treasure chests. These chests contain loot which can help you get back home or explore even further! Crafting with resources from these islands lets you engage enemy mobs and earn rewards, like coins which can be used to buy Legendary Gear sets. These sets have special abilities when worn.

Aether 2 focuses more on dungeon crawling. It introduces Dungeon Keys, which are 5 way dungeon dimension doorways. Multiple chests spawn in these dungeons, with extra loot and special bosses.

Whether you choose the Adventure Kit and explore an island, or grab a Dungeon Key and go spelunking, you will find excitement around every corner when playing either version of this captivating mod!

What’s New in Aether 2

Aether 2 is an amazing upgrade to popular Aether 1 mod. It adds plenty of new content, two whole dimensions and a bunch of changes for an even better experience! Developed with a focus on tech, adventure and exploration, the mod supplies players with objects for crafting structures, travelling between dimensions, and climbing mountains or spelunking.

What’s new in Aether 2?

  • The Aether and The Nether – two brand new regions to explore.
  • Plenty of items like oxygen masks, ascension powder and cursed elytra.
  • Dozens of dungeons with rewards.
  • A revised progression system with powerful rewards.
  • The Tinkering Table and Research Table for upgrades.
  • Events such as meteor showers with special challenges for rewards.


Installing Aether & Aether 2 is easy! Get the latest version. Next, install Forge. It’s a program for Minecraft mods. Copy the .jar file and put it in the mods folder. Now you’re ready to start playing!

Let’s get a more detailed look at the installation process:


Before installing the Aether & Aether 2 mod, users must meet certain prerequisites. These basics can be divided into three categories: hardware, software, and permissions (if needed).

  • Hardware: The user should have a 64-bit operating system with a minimum of 8GB RAM. A modern dual-core processor should be sufficient, but more advanced configurations will work faster.
  • Software: Minimum OS requirements for installing the Aether & Aether 2 mods are Windows 7 or higher for 1.7.10 and 1.12.2 versions. Java 8 or higher must be installed on the computer. Plus, Forge 1.7.10 and/or Forge 1.12.2 are both required for users who want to install these mods into their version of Minecraft.
  • Permissions: If installing this mod through another player’s multiplayer server, you must get their authorization first. Do not attempt to install the mod without their permission!

Download and Install the Mod

To install the Aether & Aether 2 mod for Minecraft, create a profile for it. The mod is compatible with versions 1.7.10 and 1.12.2.

  1. Open the Minecraft Launcher and click “New Profile”. Then, enter the profile name “Aether & Aether2” and make sure to select the game version in “Use Version”. Finally, save the profile.
  2. Next, go to the Modpacks tab and find “Aether 2” from the list. Click “Install” and wait for the files to be downloaded (takes up to 10 minutes). Once done, click Play to launch the mod, then close it.
  3. Finally, check if the new ‘Aether & Aether2’ profile exists in the profiles column. If so, you have successfully installed the plugin! Whenever you want to access the mod, select this profile and start playing with the Aether & Aether 2 mod. Enjoy!


Discover a brand new world with the Aether & Aether 2 Minecraft mod! Explore amazing locations, meet strange creatures – plus gain powerful new tools and powers. Fly, use tech-based gadgets – the Aether and Aether 2 mods bring an exciting and unique experience.

Let’s check out the features that make it special:

New Biomes

The Aether and Aether II Minecraft Mods bring a brand new dimension to explore in Minecraft. Version 1.12.2 introduces biomes with unique creatures, blocks and items.

The Goodly Fields biome has grasslands with scattered trees on floating islands. Cottonwood Trees, Golden Oaks and rare Skyroot Trees can be found here. Players can grow Sweet Flowers and build Dorithium Blocks barns and Ambrosium Blocks workbenches. They can also tend to their Heavenlify Pigs and Sheep! The biome has many ores to mine, like Goldenstone, Ambrosium Shards, Lodestone, and Sunstone.

The Cold of Winter biome has icy mountains and White Gums between slopes. Beware when cutting down the trees, as it could open a hidden chamber with cold winds. Glowstone Clusters contain lots of glowstone dust, perfect for lighting up underground adventures. Look out for the mysterious deep blue galaxies hovering above. Absolutely mesmerising!

New Mobs

Aether & Aether 2 have a variety of mobs to battle, befriend, or trade with. These include Aerbears, Moas, and Pigsies. Players can tame them to get wool or eggs. They may also find Sky Villagers to help them in exchange for items.

Hostile mobs, like Valkyries, Flying Zombies, Aerial Creepers, Zephyrites, and Phantoms, will make exploration hard. Each has its own capabilities that must be taken into account. Strategies, like luring them away from others or using Grappling Hooks, are helpful. Some enemies also randomly spawn items which can be used for weapons and tools for better damage or durability.

New Items and Blocks

Aether & Aether 2 Minecraft Mod offers lots of new stuff. It adds a whole new world with different biomes and mobs. You can craft tools, armor, weapons, and decorations from resources found in the Aether. Plus, there are dungeons with rewards to explore.

New blocks let you create Candy Cane Trees and Glowstone Lamps. Onyx blocks give magical powers, allowing you to make Mystical Structures. You can find special foods like Ambrosium or Enchanted Fabric to create clothing. Carved Stone structures in some biomes have mysteries and riddles to solve.


Aether and Aether 2 Minecraft Mods present an alternate universe to Minecraft! There are lots of new blocks, mobs and dungeons to explore. Plus, you can discover unique items and weapons. In addition, Aether 2 features a skyroot biome with plenty of dungeons and bosses.

Let’s delve into the gameplay of Aether & Aether 2 Minecraft Mod!


Exploration is a key part of Aether & Aether 2 Minecraft Mods. When you start, you’re at a randomly-generated spot. As you explore, you’ll find new creatures, tools, environments, and crafting materials in diverse biomes. Each biome offers different resources and options to build your own settlements, giving you freedom.

Exploration also rewards you with monuments that give access to harder dungeons with powerful bosses and items. Exploring gives more than just resources – it lets you learn the game’s mechanics and systems, so you can create successful strategies for tougher content.


Combat is a big part of Aether. Players bring various weapons, like swords, bows, and spell books, to fight monsters. Combat takes place in a 3D environment with physics-based gameplay and obstacles. Players can also fight each other in Player vs Player or Team battles. To defend, they can block attacks with a shield or surprise their enemies.

These elements, along with Aether’s biomes and creatures, create an immersive experience. Battles are just the beginning; the real challenge is surviving after conflict ends!


The heart of the Aether and Aether 2 Mod is crafting. You do this in the Aether Crafting Table, found in your inventory. When you put it in the world, you can make items that help you progress and survive.

The table has a GUI like Vanilla crafting tables or mod packs with Crafttweaker or other recipe plugins. You can view recipes by clicking on tabs or triangles at the top right of each level.

To craft, you need materials and Aerbunny coins (like experience points). You can craft powerful weapons, unique armor sets, furniture for your player house, and more. Special recipes are only available from furniture crafting tables found in dungeons or Advanced Crafting Table Shards from Slider bosses.


Do you have trouble using the Aether & Aether 2 Minecraft Mod? You’re in luck! This guide will show you how to fix the most common issues. Here’s a list of the usual troubles and their solutions. Let’s get started!

  • Trouble 1 and its solution
  • Trouble 2 and its solution
  • Trouble 3 and its solution
  • Trouble 4 and its solution

Common Issues

Struggling with Aether & Aether 2 Mod for Minecraft versions 1.7.10 and 1.12.2? You’re not alone! Below are some of the most common issues and tips to try.

Texture Pack Issues: This mod often has texture pack compatibility issues. Check your texture pack is compatible with your Minecraft and Aether Mod version. Make sure none of the mod’s files are in the resource pack folder. If lag occurs when textures load, lower your render distance settings.

Graphics Cards: Aether doesn’t work well with some graphics cards made before 2009. This can cause visual corruption like garbled textures or flickering lighting. Try disabling settings or updating your driver tablet.

Incorrect Installation: Double-check all files were installed correctly. Don’t mix up different mod versions, it can cause game crashes.

How to Fix Issues

Issues can happen when playing with the Aether and Aether 2 Minecraft Mod. Especially when running versions 1.7.10 or 1.12.2. But, many of these issues are easy to identify and fix. These include failing to launch in multiplayer and strange graphical glitches. Here is a guide to help you solve any issues with the Aether or Aether 2 Mod for both versions of Minecraft.

Solving Server Issues
When having trouble with Multiplayer, it could be an issue with login credentials or server permissions. To start, make sure players have proper permissions on the server. Also, check if any mods were installed without authorization. Mods can cause Multiplayer instability if not configured correctly on all machines.

Resolving Gameplay Issues
If the game crashes randomly or fails to load content correctly, there could be several causes. Firstly, make sure all players are playing the same version of the mod. Secondly, verify that all players’ Global Resources Packs/Regional Resource Packs (polys) are set up properly. Lastly, check mod configuration files such as “configfiles” for any mismatched entries.

Fixing Graphical Glitches
Graphical glitches can happen when running outdated versions of Minecraft. This can include shading problems, lag spikes, and missing textures. To fix this, update all relevant graphic drivers. Also, confirm that none of your resource packs contain outdated files. Lastly, make sure mod duel functionality does not conflict with each other. This can cause abnormalities in render quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What versions of Minecraft does Aether & Aether 2 mod support?

A: Aether & Aether 2 mod supports Minecraft versions 1.7.10 and 1.12.2.

Q: What is the difference between the Aether & Aether 2 mod?

A: The two versions of the mod are very similar, with Aether 2 being a more attractive, user-friendly version of the original Aether mod. The major difference between the two is that Aether 2 has more content and features than Aether.

Q: How can I install the Aether & Aether 2 mod?

A: To install the Aether & Aether 2 mod, you will first need to download Minecraft Forge. After that, you can download the mod files and place them into the Minecraft mod folder. Finally, you will need to launch Minecraft with Forge installed to play the mod.