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4 Easy Ways to Get Pale Tongues in Dark Souls 3 –

Dark Souls 3 is a tough game. As such, it’s not surprising that many players want to know how they can be more effective at overcoming the difficulty of this particular title. This article provides some solid tactics for tackling Dark Souls 3 with ease.

In Dark Souls 3, there is a way to get pale tongues. The Pale Tongues in Dark Souls 3 can be obtained by completing the following tasks: 1) Kill an enemy with a shield bash 2) Kill an enemy with a backstab 3) Get hit by an enemy’s attack and then block it 4) Be attacked by the same enemy twice in one turn.

4 Easy Ways to Get Pale Tongues in Dark Souls 3 –

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the prospect of doing repeating acts in order to obtain XP, points, or specific goods. This sensation is amplified anytime the item’s drop rate is disproportionately low. However, having a basic understanding of some topics and approaches might help you alleviate some of the effort. 

In Dark Souls 3, the primary notion of farming is quite straightforward. The player obtains the desired drop by repeatedly killing an adversary until it drops the item they seek. Depending on your inclinations, this grinding feeling may be either enjoyable or painful. 

There are a lot of farmable goods in Dark Souls 3, and getting them takes a lot of time. Pale Tongue is one of those items for which you must devote your heart and soul until you get what you want. 

There are a few quick and easy techniques to harvest this stuff. Pale Tongues may be found at:

  • Darkwraiths
  • Settlement of the Undead
  • The Deep Cathedral
  • The World’s Host

While finding this convent object is difficult, it is not impossible. The above-mentioned areas will be examined in further detail. As a result, pay careful attention to grasp the simple methods for obtaining Dark Souls 3’s Pale Tongues.

Dark Souls 3’s Pale Tongues


A pale tongue is a multiplayer item that may be used to improve your rank in the Rosaria’s Fingers covenant. It may also be used as evidence of a red orb invader’s triumph against a Host of Embers. The following is the item’s official description:

“Proof of the success of a red orb invader against a Host of Embers.

The practice of claiming tongues as prizes was started by a notorious band of invaders who presented them to their mute deity.”

They may, however, be particularly effective in situations involving Rosaria (more about that later).

The Best Way to Get Pale Tongues


Trying to gather pale tongues without a strategy might be time consuming. As a result, it is preferable to stick to a set of methods that have been proven by the DS3 player community. With that in mind, here’s how to cultivate Pale Tongues with the utmost efficiency.

Killing Darkwraiths is a difficult task.


These knights may be discovered underneath the Towe on the Wall bonfire on the bottom side of the lift. The bonfire can be found in the High Wall of Lothric, which is part of Leonhard’s questline. 

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Some may be found in the Abyss Watchers’ stronghold, which is near the Farron Keep Perimeter blaze. Simply turn left and follow the massive walls until you reach a coal item guarded by them. 

Stats for Darkwraith

If you don’t know what you’re up against, killing these knights early may be very difficult. As a result, these are the Darkwraith’s general stats:

Stat Name Values
HP 692
Souls Between 500 and 2500
Locations LothricFarron Keep’s High Wall
Weakness Farron Greatsword is a fictional character created by Farron Greatsword

A pale tongue has a 5% chance of being dropped by darkwraiths. As a result, it’s an excellent foe for offline farming. 

Exploring Settlement of the Undead


When you’ve finished fighting the Fire Demon. Do not immediately depart from Siefward and go to your next location. Rather, look for a pale tongue among the hanging bodies. This may not be a wasteful manner of farming indefinitely. It is, nonetheless, preferable than obtaining nothing at all. 

Siegward will provide you with a Siegbrau and some gestures. On the left side of the open buildings, you’ll locate two hanging bodies near a low ceiling. The Pale Tongue will come from one, while the Northern Set will come from the other. 

The Deep Cathedral


After completing the Road of Sacrifices, you will enter a massive cathedral among the remains of the Crystal Sage. Scout the area around the second chained giant in front of the stairwell for a Pale Tongue.

The second may be located on the exterior of the roof’s higher level. Simply go to the rafters’ door at the end of the path. You’ll get a limited number of pale tongues if you use this procedure. As a result, you should test it out when you need them right away.  

Killing the The World’s Host


If you’re a high-level gamer, this strategy is considerably more feasible. There are, however, certain requirements that must be met. 

  • Be unconvenient.
  • Join Rosaria’s Fingers now!

To get the Pale Tongue, you simply need to meet one of the above prerequisites. Depending on your performance, you may potentially be eligible for extra bonuses and awards. 

Using the Red Sign Soapstone is generally thought to be much more useful. That being stated, you may always employ alternative means to achieve your objective. 

What Is The Importance Of Pale Tongues?


Many stages of Dark Souls 3 need you to have a pale tongue. Aside from the aforementioned advantages, it may also be used to:

  • To change the look of the character. This may be accomplished by presenting Rosaria with the tongue. 
  • For redistributing your Rosaria stats. This, however, can only be done five times.
  • For obtaining Leonhard’s Lift Chamber key. Show him one in the Firelink Shrine and watch the magic unfold.

Aside from that, pale tongues may be used to improve your ranking in Rosaria-related activities. As a result, we urge that you place a greater focus on such activities in order to get high scores and enjoy prizes. 

Overall, killing Darkwraiths several times until you’re pleased with your output is the best way to farm Pale Tongues. While battling the Ghru’s in the region, you may also let them weaken each other. If you are powerful enough to fight them, be sure to kill as many as you can. 

Aside from that, we propose that you attempt the other listed solutions if you need Pale Tongues right now. Finally, it is up to you to decide which strategy is ideal for you. May the odds be ever in your favor, O’ Ashen One. 

The “ds3 pale tongue glitch” is a bug in Dark Souls 3 that can make the game easier. The 4 easy ways to get pale tongues are using the bonfire, using a ring of sacrifice, using the black eye rune, and using dark souls 3’s online co-op mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get pale tongues easily?

A: This is a very difficult question to answer. For starters, you should stop eating candy and calling yourself pale.

How do you farm pale tongues offline?

A: The ideal way to farm Pale Tongues is by completing the The One True Path, a story quest that takes place in the first area of Forsaken Castle.

How many pale tongues does it take to change your appearance?

A: One.

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