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All Ancient Elveria Mokoko Seed locations in Lost Ark

Lost Ark is a challenging action RPG developed by Studio Wildcard. The game has 15 different ancient elveria mokoko seeds that players need to find for various gameplay benefits, but unfortunately there’s no map which can be found in the game and so many of these plants are hard to spot. But thankfully this wiki page provides maps with all the locations!

The “lost ark ancient elveria location” is a quest in the game Lost Ark. It’s the only way to get all of the Ancient Elveria Mokoko Seeds and it’s located at the end of the game.

All Ancient Elveria Mokoko Seed locations in Lost Ark

Lost Ark players will join Thar, Vern Castle’s Knight Commander, in pursuit of Sigmund and his rogue gang of necromancers operating out of Ancient Elveria at the conclusion of North Vern’s quest-line. Despite the grave danger these undead monsters offer to Vern’s people, careful and meticulous gamers may still scour the dungeon’s nooks for collecting Mokoko Seeds.

The first seed was planted under a birch tree.

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The player’s initial reaction would be to chase the closest quest sign and join Thar after entering the dungeon from the southeast and expertly hopping a few gaps. Turning south and trekking a little way past the last gap, they may locate the dungeon’s first Mokoko Seed, which is almost hidden.

All Turtle Island Mokoko Seed locations in Raiders of the Lost Ark

The second seed is a large crash with a little diversion.

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The player and Thar are fighting northwest through a necromancer commune when they are abruptly attacked by a dragon, whose strong strike propels them through a stone wall to the east. The player may proceed directly south, relatively uninjured, to discover a Mokoko Seed in the next room’s corner.

All Mokoko Seed locations on Lullaby Island in Lost Ark

The third seed is found along the Sacred Corridor.

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As the player and Thar continue along the Sacred Passageway — after being thrown through a wall by a dragon, no less — they will come face to face with this monster, whose weight breaks the corridor in half. A Mokoko Seed may be found near the northern wall not long after crossing through the breach caused by the dragon.

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Seeds four and five are hidden behind a collapsing wall.

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As the player moves south, they come to an arena filled with reanimated pilgrims, warhounds, and the three necromancers that summoned them all. Following the defeat of these foes, the player will discover a pair of brilliantly hidden Mokoko Seeds that are directly next to each other but hidden by the last remaining section of the southernmost wall.

All Tooki Island Mokoko Seed locations in Raiders of the Lost Ark

Backtracking and wall-cracking are the seeds six and seven, respectively.

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Behind a wall northeast of the Contaminated Ruins’ passage, these pair of Mokoko Seeds may be located. After defeating Nignath, the dungeon’s mid-boss, and returning to the ruins, the player may cross through this wall. To reach Nignath, the player must disguise himself as a necromancer and slip through the summoning ritual in the Ruins’ northernmost room without raising the alarm or disrupting the process.

All Mokoko Seed locations on Tranquil Isle in Lost Ark

Seed number eight is hidden behind a fence.

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The player may exit the Contaminated Ruins via the eastern entrance after completing the previous summoning ritual by whatever means required. They may return back to the right of the gate after passing through a wrought iron gate on their way north, and locate a lone Mokoko Seed hidden between the gate and the fence.

All Mokoko Seed locations on Harmony Island in Lost Ark

Sigmund’s houseplant, seed nine

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After defeating Nignath, the player will take a lift over a gap to the dungeon’s last, northernmost section. Sigmund and his Necromantic minions will encircle and overrun them there, resulting in a major fight. Another Mokoko Seed may be found to the right of the circular centerpiece in the arena’s floor, near to some enormous exposed roots, if the player takes a break from battle.

All Mokoko seed locations on Illusion Bamboo Island in Raiders of the Lost Ark

The boss fight spectator is seed ten.

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Sigmund will withdraw to his laboratory after his summons have been vanquished, where he will set Garum, the dragon that had previously battered the player, against the player in one-on-one battle. Sigmund will adopt his ultimate form and battle the player when Garum is defeated. After defeating both enemies, the player may locate the dungeon’s last Mokoko Seed behind a dead tree to the northeast of Sigmund’s Laboratory.

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The “ancient elvira hidden story” is a quest in the Lost Ark game. It is one of the most difficult quests in the game. The player must collect all of the Mokoko seeds to complete it.

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