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Top 5 Best Jungle Gankers in League of Legends –

The playstyle of jungle ganking may be one of the most difficult to master in League of Legends, but it’s an essential part of every team composition. These five junglers show off their skill with this meta-defining strategy.

The “best ganking junglers s12” is a list of the top 5 best junglers in League of Legends. The list includes names like Lee Sin, Elise, and Shyvana.

Top 5 Best Jungle Gankers in League of Legends –

In League, ganking is a strategy that includes flanking an opponent when they are caught off guard.

The adversary is usually overextended and unable to react in time, enabling you to get a quick kill.

Simply enough, ganking is the practice of making your opponent’s life a living hell.

Even a single good gank will pull the victim off the map for many minutes, leading them to fall behind in CS, lose XP, miss objectives, and, well, become perma-tilted.

So, if turning the opposition team’s chat into a “jung diff” flame war is your thing, you’ve come to the correct spot.


Lee Sin is number five.

Lee Sin LoL gameplayImage Credit:

Lee Sin is a savage early-game jungler with a kit that allows for inventive ganks.

He may pursue unexpected gank lines to catch out his adversaries thanks to his ward hop, and he has lots of combinations to play with with and isolate targets according to his ward hop.

He may even kick his opponents right into the hands of his teammates, helping them to collect kills and advance in their lanes.

What is Lee Sin’s sole flaw?

He has an excruciatingly high skill cap.

Yep. To strengthen your fists, you must bleed your knuckles, as Lee Sin himself advises.

Lee Sin, on the other hand, will enable you send your foes flying out of lane if you’re prepared to put in the effort.

It’s really badass.


4. Zac

Zac LoL gameplay screenshotImage Credit:

While Lee Sin throws his opponents out of the lane, Zac takes the opposite approach:

He flies into lane so quickly — and from such a distance – that the opponent laner has little time to respond.

Yep. His E (Electric Slingshot) is a long-ranged catapult that allows him to gank from regions where the opposition team’s wards would never see him.

Zac, on the other hand, is a particularly good ganker since he has a safety net.

Even if a gank doesn’t go as intended, his passive allows him a second opportunity; he doesn’t truly die when slain.

Instead, he changes into little blobs that can resurrect him if they can reunite.


3. Nunu & Willump

Nunu & Willump LoL gameplayImage Credit:

Old Nunu was a counter jungler that just had one goal: to sow havoc and damage the adversary jungler’s mind by invading after invading.

Nunu has traded in his jungle mischief for lane trouble since the overhaul.

He’s become a fantastic ganker as a result of his ability to snowball his way into a lane and take off the opponent before they can respond.

The snowball is also easily maneuverable, so even if the target flashes or runs away, you can just modify the direction and pursue them.

What’s more, to cap it all off?

If one gank attempt fails, the snowball has a very brief cool down.

It’s no issue.

Simply snowball your way behind them and gank (you’ll almost certainly get the kill this time).


Rek’Sai is number two.

Rek’Sai LoL gameplay screenshotImage Credit:

If you thought Vi was the baddest lady in League, wait till you meet Rek’Sai.

She’s not just good at ganking, but she’s also good at massacring health bars.

On the ganking side, Rek’Sai has the ability to create tunnels all across the map, offering her a variety of methods to sneak into a lane without being seen.

Her ult also renders her untargetable, making it impossible for the opposition laner to stop her from engaging (slows, knocks ups, and stuns are all ineffective).

What about the damage?

She is, after all, a professional assassin.

Almost every one of her abilities gives her additional damage in some form, and her E even gives her some serious true damage.

Sure, Rek’Sai isn’t quite as attractive as Vi.

But what if you’re looking for a jungler that can gank and obliterate foes in a matter of seconds?

Rek’Sai is the most popular waifu.


Hecarim, No. 1

Hecarim LoL gameplayImage Credit:

If you’re a regular League of Legends player, Hecarim’s ascension to the top shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Hecarim’s ganks have terrified every LoL player at least a dozen times.

Hecarim doesn’t need any fancy or unusual gank routes.

He also doesn’t need to be able to leap to lane from a dark region.

After all, his movement speed is so incredible that he can whiz past five control wards and still leave his prey with little time to respond.

And what happens when he gets there?

He uses long-lasting CC to trap his opponent down, then unleashes a barrage of health-depleting damage.

Even if your jungler attempts to rescue you by counter-invading, he won’t be able to since Hecarim may depart as fast as he arrives.

Hecarim is a jungle ganker who allows you to control the wins.

Note that this material was made utilizing Riot Games’ “Legal Jibber Jabber” policy and Riot Games’ assets. This project is neither endorsed or sponsored by Riot Games.

The “best gankers” is a term used in League of Legends to describe players that are skilled at killing jungle monsters. They will usually get the first kill on their lane and then roam to other lanes, getting kills as they go.

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