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Genshin Impact: Vibro-Crystal Research event guide

With a promise of up to 10% increased damage with each level, Genshin Impact became one of the most sought after skills in FFXIV. This guide will tell you how and where to get it!

The “genshin impact vibro crystal research guide” is a comprehensive event guide for the Genshin Impact: Vibro-Crystal Research event. The guide includes all of the information that players need to know about the event.

Genshin Impact: Vibro-Crystal Research event guide

In video games, everyone enjoys horde mode, which allows you to concentrate only on eliminating as many foes as possible before time runs out (or you get overwhelmed.) Genshin Impact’s take on horde mode, with a few modifications, is Vibro-Crystal Research. This event seems complicated on paper owing to the language used in the event description, but it is really pretty easy once you get started. Here’s our guide to Genshin Impact’s Vibro-Crystal Research event.

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The Event’s Unlocking

To participate in this event, you must have reached Adventure Rank 28 and finished the main quest “Rite of Parting” – once completed, this quest may be picked up at the Liyue Adventurer’s Guild. To open the shimmering event door adjacent to the NPC Patrice, go to the Chasm and speak with him. A menu appears when you interact with the door, as seen in the picture above. This event gives you the option of selecting the stage type and difficulty, each with its own distinct flavor:

  • In Normal Mode, the score multiplier is x1, and the adversaries are all level 40.
  • In Hard Mode, the score multiplier is x2, and the adversaries are all level 70.
  • Extreme Mode: x4 score multiplier, level 90 adversaries

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You then go to the following screen, which is seen above, after selecting your level type and difficulty. You must assemble two four-person teams and determine their Harmonics (more on this in a bit.) For the time being, concentrate on establishing two strong teams that will enable you to chain Elemental Bursts and cause massive damage, since the aim is to annihilate as many foes as possible within the time limit. You have four Trial Characters to choose from: Xiangling, Xingqiu, Raiden Shogun, and Venti. Using this team composition, you should start with Raiden on point and switch to Xiangling, Xingqiu, and Venti as needed to chain their bursts together.

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Harmonics: An Introduction

By linking Transmitter Crystals to Receiver Crystals, you may activate Harmonics, a series of passive bonuses. After completing a certain criterion, each of these Transmitters will activate its buff:

  • When a character uses an Elemental Burst to deal DMG to opponents, they get 1 stack of the Receiver effect. Only once every three seconds may it be triggered.
  • When the active character performs an Elemental Skill, gain 1 stack of the Receiver effect. Only once every three seconds may it be triggered.
  • When a character enters combat, they get 1 stack of the Receiver effect. Only once every three seconds may it be triggered.

You may select among the following buffs:

  • Burst Receiver: Obtaining 1/2/3 stacks of this effect increases your character’s Elemental Burst DMG by 40/60/70 percent for 20 seconds.
  • Mastery Receiver: Your characters’ Elemental Mastery is enhanced by 80/120/140 for 20 seconds when you obtain 1/2/3 stacks of this effect.
  • Recharging Receiver: Gaining 1/2/3 stacks of this effect increases your characters’ Energy Recharge by 50/75/87.5 percent for 20 seconds.

Each of the left Transmitters may be connected to one of the right Receivers. You may either link three Transmitters to a single Receiver or distribute your buffs among the three. Depending on your team’s preference, you have an option. 2 Recharging Receivers and 1 Burst Receiver for 75 percent Energy Recharge and 40% extra Elemental Burst DMG is a good beginning combination.

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Load into the level after your teams and Harmonics are established. Fill the bar at the top, which is your Harmonic Strength meter, to activate your Receiver bonuses by satisfying the Transmitter conditions. All characters will get extra CRIT DMG at each level of that meter. However, if a Transmitter is not activated after a few seconds, the meter will be depleted. While clearing the field of foes, continue to increase the meter as needed.

The second half starts with your backup squad on the field after a few minutes. The number and kind of foes slain, multiplied by your difficulty level, determines your ultimate score. To optimize your high score, keep trying various character combinations and Harmonic settings – there are three categories of incentives according on your ultimate score. Travelers, best of luck.

The “vibro crystal research day 2” is a guide for the Genshin Impact event.

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