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Pre-emptive Ideas to fix Support Carriers

With the popularity of gaming on mobile devices, there’s been a rise in complaints about support carriers not delivering updates or features when promised. It was recently reported that Apple is bringing back iTunes software downloads to iPhones and iPads with iOS 12. This could be good news for consumers who expect timely releases from their service providers- but what can you do if your carrier isn’t listening?

The “organizations have two kinds of leaders task and maintenance” is a problem that has been present for a while. Organizations need to make sure they have a leader who can handle both tasks.

Pre-emptive Ideas to fix Support Carriers

WorldOfWarships6 - Pre-emptive Ideas to fix Support Carriers

Here are some suggestions for improving or fixing Support Carriers so that they may be appreciated as part of the game.

These proposals are unlikely to be enacted, but they are probably more rational and logical than the impending storm. It’s preferable to build cathartic castles in the sky than to shout uselessly at the sky!

Please comment on the ideas and even contribute your own (serious) suggestions. – Additional suggestions will be added to this list, with the idea’s username attributed.

  1. Remove Stun Bombs: Stun isn’t entertaining, and it doesn’t fix any ‘problems’ with the number of radars that may be used in a battle.
  2. Add a ‘Supply Drop’ aircraft to the mix. These work similarly to the supply drops in Arms Race (you know, that truly enjoyable game), dropping zones on the map that either add more consumable charges or boost the efficacy of consumables (With a maximum cap point).
  3. ‘Supply Drops’ are supplied by aircraft; shooting down the plane diminishes the supply drop’s efficacy. The strategy is then to drop much-needed supplies near a knife battle and risk losing aircraft, or to drop it farther away but still have an impact on the knife war. Prioritize who you *support* as a carrier player.
  4. In terms of experience, ‘Supply Drop’ functions as a ‘captured flag’ for both the Support Carrier and the receiving ship; low experience but manageable to grind.
  5. To add variety, ‘Supply Drop’ contains nation-specific drops. -5a. Smoke extensions/smoke charges are available in the United Kingdom. -5b. Radar/hydro extensions are provided by the United States. Russia supplies damage control extensions at a temperature of -5°C. France offers speed boosts and reload extensions at a cost of -5d. Germany supplies secondary battery reload extensions at a cost of -5e. Pan Asia (hypothetical) offers torpedo extensions at -5f. -5g. Japan is a supplier of fighter consumables.
  6. To the Support Carrier’s roster, add ‘Spotter Aircraft.’ Acts similarly to the present Spotter aircraft for battleships, but affects any ship in the zone. Increases a ship’s detection radius while increasing its range at the expense of the ship being immobile.
  7. For Tier XI/11 supercarriers, add ‘Repair Bay.’ Acts similarly to the repair circles in Operations, but is only available for a short period aboard the supercarrier. At ‘normal’ levels, this would be unsuitable for the future Support Carrier Supercarrier.
  8. dsal1829> ‘Minelayer aircraft’ for Premium Support Carriers. These aircraft drop mines like the Dunkerque Operation; with a high chance to cause flooding or incapacitate modules such as steering.
  9. blazinex> ‘Harass aircraft’ that increase dispersion of enemy ships. This would have a noticeable effect on long range sniping volleys, but little effect on close range knife fights. However that extra % may be enough to turn the tide in allies favour.

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For the game World of Warships, post “Pre-emptive Ideas to Fix Support Carriers.”

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