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How To Form Scandinavia in Victoria 2 –

The game Victoria 2 allows players to form the countries of Scandinavia in a historical setting. This guide will help you get started on building your own Scandinavian empire for political and economic domination.

The “victoria 2 form scandinavia event id” is an event in the game Victoria 2. The player needs to trigger this event before they can start playing as Scandinavia.

How To Form Scandinavia in Victoria 2 –

The following conditions must be met in order to establish Scandinavia:

  • Become a Superpower
  • All Scandinavian cores are yours to possess or sphere (At the start of the game, it is all of the territory of Denmark and Sweden minus their colonies)
  • Have a prestige of at least 45.
  • Relax and unwind.

The simplest and shortest approach to build Scandinavia is to first establish a big power, then sphere the remaining cores.

The second option is conquest, which will be difficult and costly, and you’ll still need to become a great power in order to make the selection.


Prestige confers great power.

One of the main benefits of Nordic countries is their exceptionally high literacy rate, which peaked at 80% in 1836.

This offers them a technological edge over most other countries, and prestige technologies like Romanticism and Realism should be prioritized.

This also fits very well with the prestige criterion of 45.


Sweden's technology tab / Victoria 2Swedish research is nötch nötch nötch nötch nötch nö


If you save enough RP for it and nab those innovations, Idealism will help you raise your research points in between and offer you additional prestige.

Ideological thinking will also enhance pluralism, which is good for RP.

Spend all of your money on education so that you can recruit more clergy and conduct research more quickly.

In 1836, Sweden is on the verge of becoming a major power. A few more prestige points can catapult you into immense power, allowing you to move on to the next level if you act quickly.


Sweden becoming a great power / Victoria 2Sweden is the world’s seventh most populous country.


Beware, however, that the longer that time goes on, the harder it will get to become a Prestige confers great power. – as other scores like Industry and Military start to take off for the other nations.

Nothing else should be on your to-do list (except perhaps Experimental Railroads).

You can’t afford any delays, so if you reach high power status, you must go on to the next step as soon as possible.


Sphere, Invest, and Influence


Investing in Denmark as Sweden / Victoria 2


You may have noticed that sphereing Denmark is tough when the other great powers are obstructing your efforts.

You should have put your spare cash into Denmark ten years ago if you had any. Other great powers will be unable to exert influence on your nearest neighbor as a result of this.

Even after they’ve been sphered by other Great Powers, if you invest more than they do (which may be as little as $2000 on a railroad), the AI will just give up (though they aren’t beyond spitting you if they’ve stockpiled influence).


Denmark under Swedish influence / Victoria 2


As a result, once you achieve significant authority, you should be able to swiftly persuade your neighbor to join your sphere of influence.

Do not be alarmed if Austria starts war and liberates sections of Denmark; move fast and you may easily take Schleswig using the same technique.


Väl för Brödrafolken!


Forming Scandinavia / Victoria 2


And congrats on your recent formation of Scandinavia!

We established it in 1845, but with a little luck (for example, if Spain is humiliated in a battle, you can rapidly take their position) and early foreign investment in Denmark, it may be done sooner.

Any cores you had in your previous nation will be carried over.

Finland, for example, is a Scandinavian country.


After That, What Should You Do?

Since the hard job has just just started, it isn’t all plain sailing.

Scandinavia is hardly the world’s biggest nation.

And she’ll have to battle to maintain her position of immense power in the future.

You’re not a military power, and Russia and Germany are eyeing Finland and Schleswig-Holstein with suspicion.

Wherever feasible, form alliances, but be prepared to surrender defeat inside Europe.

You’re a big power now, which means you may go overseas and do good to people.

You may attempt to sway Egypt into completing the Suez Canal in order to hasten African colonialism, or you can make a claim on a primitive country.

For the time being, it’s simply a typical big power plan, but with the fraternal Nordic peoples united behind it.

In the game “victoria 2”, there are a total of 16 playable nations. In order to form Scandinavia, players must start with Denmark and Sweden, then conquer Norway and Finland. Reference: victoria 2 starting nations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you form Scandinavia in Victoria 2 HPM?

A: There are no Scandinavia countries in Victoria 2.

What are 2 Scandinavian countries?

How was Scandinavia divided?

A: Scandinavia is divided into three countries. These are Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

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