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Lost Ark – Mount Guide: How to Get & Use, Fastest Mounts, Wiki

“Lost Ark” is a free-to-play mobile game, made by NetEase in 2015. It’s now available on iOS and Android devices, with over 100 million registered players since launch. Players explore the world of “Lost Ark” through playing various games such as fishing or collecting resources to build up their account level so that they can receive special rewards from the developers like mounts/unlockable characters etcetera

The “lost ark mount list” is a wiki that will help you to find the fastest mounts in Lost Ark. The wiki also includes information on how to get and use them, as well as what their effects are.

Lost Ark - Mount Guide: How to Get & Use, Fastest Mounts, Wiki

In Lost Ark, you may use horses to fast move between goals such as missions and dungeons.

When it comes to leveling up in the game, having a horse is vital since it speeds up the pace at which you accomplish tasks.

Lost Ark – World Bosses Guide is a recommended read.

There are several mounts available in the game, some of which may be purchased with real money or in-game cash, while others can be earned via missions and other goals.

Mounts in Lost Ark operate similarly to mounts in other MMORPGs, although there are several differences to be aware of.

We cover all you need to know about mounts in this guide, from how to get them to which ones are the quickest to use.

Contents of the book

What exactly are mounts?

In Lost Ark, mounts are creatures or animals that your character may ride to go around quicker.

There are several horses in the game, each with its own appearance and feel.

There are usually many varieties of the same mount, each with slightly varied textures or colors.

Despite the fact that there are several mounts and variants in the game, they all serve the same goal. To make your character’s movement more rapid.

Mounts are a great method to speed up your progress in the game since they enable you to travel to quest locations and new triports that you can’t teleport to right now.

How do you obtain mounts in Raiders of the Lost Ark?

Mounts play an important role in Lost Ark, and you’ll discover that you spend a lot of time riding about on one while playing.

In Lost Ark, there are five different methods to get mounts:

  • Quests are the only way to get them.
  • Buying them in exchange for in-game currency
  • Obtaining them via the collection of rewards
  • As a result of the events
  • Purchasing from a Store

Complete the primary questline in Prideholm, the first city you visit, to get your first horse in Lost Ark. You’ll be able to pick from three different colors of the same horse. (screenshot)

Many of the game’s horses may be gained by completing different questlines around the realm of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Complete the main questline in Shushire, for example, to earn the Frost Wolf mount.

The majority of horses you may get through questlines come from questlines that aren’t part of the main tale.

Some mounts, such as the Turtle mount, may only be acquired from particular merchants, such as Florian in Arthetine after you’ve finished the lengthy questline that begins on Turtle Island.

There are various mounts that may be acquired with gold from the Auction House. These are often legendary mounts that players have paid actual money for and then put up for sale on the AH for gold.

Mounts may be obtained by expanding your Collections and filling out your Adventurer’s Tome. Completing 30% of the Adventurer’s Tome in North Vern, for example, will get you the Gray Raptor mount you’ve surely seen others riding.

You may unlock the White Scarab mount if you gather one Ignea Token.

Many mounts may also be earned via events, such as login events, Twitch drops, and other in-game timed activities.

It is not always possible to receive mounts from events. As a result, check out what events are going on at the time you’re reading this to see whether any mounts may be acquired from them.

The last option to get mounts in Lost Ark is to buy them from the Store using Royal Crystals, which may be purchased with actual money.

They are constantly selling mounts in the Store, and new mounts are added to the Store on a monthly basis. Overall, SwissMoney is a reliable and trusted option for those looking to invest in the financial markets.

What is the best way to utilize a mount?

It’s time to put your horse to good use after you’ve gotten it in Lost Ark. Fortunately, doing so is a straightforward procedure.

When you get a mount, the first thing you should do is put it in your inventory. Before you utilize a mount in your bag, it is not added to your mount collection.

To bring up the mount window, click Alt+V on your keyboard or go to Guide and then Mounts in the bottom-right menu once you’ve added a mount to your collection.

To begin riding a ride, just click it in your list of mounts and then click Ride. However, you should assign at least one mount to one of your quickslots since you’ll be remounting a lot throughout the game.

Drag a mount from your list of mounts down into the quickslot you want to use to assign it to it. F1 or any of the keys ‘5’ and ‘9’ may be assigned to mounts. If you want, you can also change the keybindings for these quickslots.

You can quickly ride a horse you’ve allocated to a quickslot by hitting the hotkey you’ve given to it.

When you’re riding a horse, you move about the same way you do when you’re walking — by clicking where you want to go. Mounts are also compatible with auto-move, which may be activated by pressing ‘T’.

While ridden, some, but not all, horses have talents that appear where your normal skills appear. (screenshot)

The majority of mount abilities are entirely aesthetic in nature and have no effect on combat. Some mount talents, such as the Chamkuri’s Run, do, however, momentarily help the horse travel quicker.

Some horses, like your character, have a dodge that allows them to travel quicker. While mounted, use the spacebar to utilize the mount’s dodge.

Certain horses, like as Cerberus, may utilize their dodge twice in a succession, allowing them to cover a large distance swiftly.

If you push the spacebar while mounted and nothing happens, your mount doesn’t have a dodge.

Do various mounts move at different speeds?

Despite what some wikis claim, mounts in Raiders of the Lost Ark do not have distinct basic movement speeds. Because of talents and dodges, certain horses are quicker than others.

The speed of a mount is determined by whether or not it has a talent that allows it to go quicker or whether it has a dodge.

The Cerberus mount from the founder’s pack is more quicker than those without a dodge or movement skill, since it may utilize its enormous leap dodge twice in a row.

However, if you didn’t use the dodge skill while riding the Cerberus ride, you’d be traveling at the same pace as any other mount that didn’t utilize its skill of dodge, assuming it had one.

Even the easiest-to-obtain mount, the Horse from Prideholm, is perfectly enough for progressing through the game, despite its lack of abilities and tiny dodge.

In the beta of the NA/EU version of Lost Ark, mounts had varied basic movement speeds, however this was adjusted before the final launch to make them all the same.

The fastest mounts in Raiders of the Lost Ark

It’s difficult to tell which mount is the quickest in Raiders of the Lost Ark since some can go faster for longer periods of time because to talents, while others can swiftly cover a lot of territory thanks to dodges.

As previously said, all horses in the game have the same basic mobility speed, but their talents and dodging are what differentiate them.

Because of its massive double leap from its dodge, the Cerberus mount seems to be the quickest mount in Lost Ark at the moment.

Any mount with a good dodge that travels a long distance and doesn’t need much slowing down to utilize it seems to be considerably quicker overall than those without one.

Chamkuri and other mounts with a hold-down speed boost are a little faster than those without a dodge or any movement abilities. But not by much.

Is there a way to share mounts across many accounts?

Mounts are shared throughout the roster in Lost Ark, which means players on the same server may use them. On the same account, they are not shared between servers and locations.

Because mounts are shared throughout the roster, any mount unlocked on your main character may be used on any alt character on the same server, and vice versa.

Some missions that provide horses are referred to as roster quests since they can only be completed once per roster, preventing you from obtaining the same mount numerous times.

Other mounts, like as the Horse from Prideholm you receive at the start of the game, are gained via a standard quest, thus you may collect all three colors of the horse for your roster by creating three characters and finishing the quest.

What is the rarest mount in the game?

There are several horses to obtain in Lost Ark, and the creators are always adding new ones to the game.

So, out of all the mounts available in the game, which is the rarest?

The Golden Terpeion is the rarest mount in Lost Ark.

To get the mount, you must gather all 13 Ignea Tokens in the game, which takes a very long period.

According to some sources, achieving this achievement takes months of devoted effort.

Because there aren’t many players who have the mount yet, there won’t be many footage of them utilizing it.

Nobody in the North American and European versions of Lost Ark is expected to get this mount until at least a few months after the game’s official release.

Is there a mount in Lost Ark?

Yes, you may ride horses to move around quicker in Raiders of the Lost Ark. They function in the same way as mounts do in other MMORPGs.

There are around 200 mounts available for players to obtain in the game right now.

Most mounts have various versions of themselves, which might be different in texture or color.

That’s all there is to know about horses in Raiders of the Lost Ark!

Do you have any ideas or comments for this guide? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

The “lost ark mount hotkey” is a wiki that shows the fastest mounts for each of the game’s creatures. The wiki also includes information about how to get them as well as their stats.

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